This Brand New Herbal Tea Can Get You Out Of The Cycle Of Stubborn Infections For Good 100% Naturally From Just 7 Days.

Do You Experience Any Of These Symptom Below
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Let Me Tell You About The Ancient Herbal Secret

This Ancient Herbal Secret Has Helped 7,203 Infected Patients In Africa To Eradicate Infections.. Plus Help Them Maintain A Normal Life Free Of Infections.

It Doesn’t Matter How Hard You Tried And Failed, How Long The Infection Lasted, And How Much You Spent Treating Recurring Infections.

It’s 100% Guaranteed To Work Or You Get A Full Refund

Order Before (11:59pm, July 14, 2024) & Get Free Shipping

Cleanse Me Tea Is produced from A 2,000-year old herb called “Averrhoa bilimbi” which have been used in Ancient Chinese medicines to successfully get rid of infections.

This newly improved Cleanse Me Tea was developed by herbal experts who specialize in traditional Chinese supplements and Africa Herbs using ancient tea processing technology  to treat the following infections and symptoms:

People Who Have Used This Product Have Seen Results

Infection Can Be Dangerous If Left Untreated

Finding a lasting solution to constant UTIs, STDs, toilet infections, or viral infections is like sitting on a ticking time bomb. Discovering that you have such a health problem without a permanent cure can make you feel ISOLATED.



Terminate Discomfort

Terminate discomfort, no more itching, discharge and burning sensation during urination.

vaginal health

Improved vaginal health, thereby balancing the pH and replenishing the vaginal flora.

immune function

Improved immune function.. strengthened the immune system leading to better overall health.

Mental health

Better mental health... reducing stress and anxiety… leading to better mental health overall.

Reduced risk

Reduced risk of spreading infections to others.

Counteract Infections

This newly improved Cleanse Me Tea also helps to counteract the damaging effects of infections in your body.

Combate inflammation

This newly improved Cleanse Me Tea also help to reduce inflammation (redness, swelling, and pain around the genitals.

Improved performance

Improved performance in the bedroom. No more pus or sore around the manhood.. no more weak erection.

Highly Effective

This newly improved Cleanse Me Tea is 100% Herbs and Root. With No Side Effect.

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Order Before (11:59pm, July 14, 2024) & Get Free Shipping

Are You Curing Your Infection Or Making It Worse?

Antibiotics and medicated creams can make your infection worse.

The most common class of infection prescriptions include:

Metronidazole (oral, vaginal)

Flagyl (oral)

Clindesse (vaginal)

Tindamax (oral)

Metrogel (vaginal)

Vandazole (vaginal)

Prolonged use of these antibiotics destroys all bacteria, good and bad.

If they kill your good bacteria, there will be nothing to control the bad ones.

Additionally, medications, creams, and probiotics are designed to only treat the symptoms of yeast infections, not the real causes.

For this reason, many drugs commonly used to treat the infection only work as a temporary fix and fail in the long run. However,

The Amazing Natural Treatment Method You Can Use To Quickly And Easily Get Rid Of Bothersome Infections…And Even Help Prevent Future Infections!

Order Before (11:59pm, July 14, 2024) & Get Free Shipping

“But, What If Cleanse Me Tea Doesn't Work For Me?”

You may be thinking right now, “What if Cleanse Me Tea doesn’t help me get rid of my infections”

We absolutely guarantee that Cleanse Me Tea works, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We are so confident that you will get good value for your money and that is why we are offering you a No-Story, Only-Results 30-Days Money Back Guarantee!

If after using Cleanse Me Tea for 30 days and it doesn’t work for you, please give us a call or chat us up on WhatsApp (+2349038187797) and we will give you a 100% refund.

No stories

That’s how confident we are about how Cleanse Me Tea will help to effectively get rid of infections in your system.

So, trust me, you will definitely send your testimony!

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How To Use Infection Free Tea

Step 1: Order the newly improved Cleanse Me Tea today and get it delivered to your address.
Step 2: Put a teabag of Cleanse Me Tea into your cup, brew it with boiling water for 3-5 minutes, then drink. Take twice daily.
Kindly Note: This newly improved Cleanse Me Tea is unsuitable for children below the age of 4 years and women who are pregnant and lactating below 6 months.
Order Before (11:59pm, July 14, 2024) & Get Free Shipping


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We'll call to confirm your order and start processing your order very immediately.


We'll send the product to you with the fastest delivery service in your state.


We'll send your product to your doorstep. We offer payment on delivery (cash/transfer).


Sending Cleanse Me Tea to your location costs us money.

Despite this, it is still delivered FREE!

We need your absolute sincerity and readiness to receive Cleanse Me Tea because it will become an act of sheer wickedness if the product gets to your location and you don’t pick it up. 

We’ll have to spend even more money sending it back to our office.

That is why a commitment fee for far locations will be required and the balance paid upon delivery…

This is to ensure you’ll be committed to receiving your package of Cleanse Me Tea

We don’t want a situation where the product is sent out and you give excuses why you can’t pick up the pack like we have had with several customers in the past…

We have had to incur losses in the past as a result of customers refusing to pick up their package… this is to protect ourselves from such customers.

Also….. PLEASE DON’T ORDER IF you’ll be traveling or you’ll be out of town within the next 1-3 days OR if the remaining cash is not readily available right now.

Thanks for your kind understanding.

Note: If You Want Cleanse Me Tea But You Are Not Ready With Your Money Yet, Kindly Save Our Phone Number And Please Reach Us When You Are Ready. 

Our Phone Number is +2349038187797 oR Whatsapp +237652235922



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Order Before (11:59pm, July 14, 2024) & Get Free Shipping

Original Price:  30,000

Today: CFA 15,000 

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